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Creative private funding solutions, helping our borrowers

Fix & Flip Loans

Fix & Flip Loans

purchase, renovate and sell 1-4 sfr's

Ground Up

Ground Up

Financing for Ground up SFR's 1-4 units



Purchase, renovate, stabilize for multifamily or mixed use properties 5 to 8 units

Single Property Rental Loans

Single Property Rental Loans

Purchase or refinance non-owner occupied rental properties from 1-4 units

Rental Portfolios Loans

Rental Portfolios Loans

For property owner or managers with multiple properties to purchase or refinance rental properties

Multi-Family Term Loans

Multi-Family Term Loans

Purchase or refinance multifamily or mixed use rental properties with 5 to 8 units

Multi-Family Bridge Loans

Multi-Family Bridge Loans

Purchase, renovate and stabilize multifamily properties with 5 or units

Foreclosure Bailout Loans

Foreclosure Bailout Loans

Foreclosure bailout loans to rescue sfr's in foreclosure

Fix and Flip with short-term financing at the ready

Oak Tree Realty and Mortgage provides fast and reliable fix and flip loans for both the purchase and rehab of investment properties.

Quick Closing

We may close in as quick as 10 days

High Leverage

No need to use your own funds, we offer up to 90 LTC

Competitive Rates

Maximize your returns with our competitive rates.

Oak Tree's fix and flip loans allow you to free up your own capital by leveraging ours and we close as fast as possible.

Fast Funding for real estate investments
Fix and Flip / Bridge Loan Terms

Property Types

SFR's 1-4 Units

Loan Amounts

$50,000 to $5,000,000

Maximum Loan to Cost

Up to  85% LTC

Up to 100% of Rehab Cost

Maximum Loan to ARV

Up to 70%

Loan Terms

12 to 18 Months

Oak Tree Makes Ground Up Construction Loans Easy

Oak Tree Realty and Mortgage Ground up loans provide you with a reliable funding source for you to build 1 -4 unit homes.

Our Team

Our experienced staff works with you to support your individual needs for every unique project

For Builders & Developers

We have a common sense approach. We can offer our borrowers up to 85% LTC and permits are not required to fund.

Ultimate Flexibility

Along with competitive rates for you to build 1-4 unit homes, our underwriting is as simple as underwriting a fix and flip

Real Lending Solutions for Todays World
Single Asset Rental Property Loans

Easy funding for all of your rental property projects

Want to finance a new purchase, refinance a property, or free up cash in your rental portfolio? Oak Tree makes rental financing easy with our advanced online platform and flexible loan options.

Competitive Rates

Fast and Simple Process

Flexibility and Support

Maximize your returns with robust capital, high leverage, competitive rates and a variety of loan options

Forget searching for paystubs and old W2s

A variety of loan options and dedicated to will help maximize your ROI

Moving In

Oak Tree's rental investment loans

Purchase, Rate and Term, and Cash-out Refinance options are available for single-family rental (SFR), PUDs, and 2-4 units.

Oak Tree Makes Multiple Asset Portfolio Rental Loans Easy

Partner with trusted experts to craft a rental portfolio loan as unique as your investment strategy. Save time, money and headaches - so you can focus on scaling your portfolio with confidence.

Rental portfolio loans built for investors

Once you’ve acquired 5+ rental properties, it’s time to start thinking about them as a portfolio instead of individual units. By aggregating all of your properties under a single portfolio umbrella, you’ll see benefits across the board.

Widest range of terms and options

5, 10, and 30-year term, fixed rate or hybrid ARMs, partial IO available, non-recourse.

Ultra competitive rates and leverage

Borrower-friendly rates and full leverage available 90 days post purchase with no further rent roll seasoning required.

Fund portfolios of all shapes and sizes

By funding portfolios of $150K to over $50MM, we accommodate all real estate investors, from “mom-and-pop” investors that own fewer than 5 properties to institutional buyers with 500+ property portfolios.

Foreclosure Bailout Loans


Foreclosure Bailout Refinances are based on the value of your home

No Credit Required

We don't have a minimum credit score required. We do "pull" your credit but your score is not a factor in obtaining a loan.

* we use a "soft" pull so it has no effect on your credit score

Employment Not Verified

We do need a place of employment but we don't call or mail to verify your employment.

Income Not Verified

We do need you to provide your monthly income but we don't require any documentataion to prove it.

Oak Tree Makes Funding Multifamily Loans Easy

Multifamily term loans provides you with a reliable funding for landlords, multifamily investors and property managers looking for long term financing for properties with 5 to 8 units.

Attractive alternative to traditional banks

Competitive rates 30-45 day closing timelines and easy seasoning requirements.

Funding for Mixed Use and Single Properties

We fund residential properties with commercial units if the residential square footage is greater than 50% of the leasable area. You can combine multifamily term properties into portfolios with single property rentals and other multifamily properties.

Common Sense Underwriting

No tax returns or borrower income information required, up to 70% LTV with cashout, easy step down prepayment penalty options..

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